HELP : pictures on my app, local storage or firebase?

Hi guys,
I need you to advise me… I’m creating an app for a team of friends and one of my tabs will be the list of the team. Each member will have his ion-card, with photo and description. But we’re 35, so I just wonder which storage solution is the better ? I just wonder how to displat photos, because I believe storing the pictures in the app ( I don’t evenknow if it’s possible ) represents a lot of data. So I may have to use Firebase or something like that but it won’t work if I have no internet connexion… What do you think ?

how do you want to deploy the app?
as PWA? as cordova/capacitor? or just hosted?

What have you done before in Ionic?

Hey there

By all means, include some sort of backend like Firebase for storing your apps data. But also save data that is a once-off downlaod or that will be viewed a lot in storage. It is much faster to retrieve data from storage and like you said, if you have no internet connection Firebase would be useless. So why not implement both :slight_smile:

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For what I’ve understood, you are developing an app for 35 friends (static number) and each of you have a pic and a description. If you have the pics already, I would put them on your assets file. If it’s an app you won’t consume any internet to see them.

If those pics or friends are dynamic, I would use Firebase.

Hi Raul and thanks,
that’s more or that it, actually that’s for a kind of election in the school, we are a list of 35 and want the school to know us. So the app will probably be downloaded by every student in the school and in one of the tab we present the team, so there will be 35 photos there. But the team isn’t likely to change mush so the pictures will be the same.
And you don’t think if I store 35 pictures in assets it will be way to big for people to download ( I mean speaking about phones storage capacity ) ?
thanks !

Well, you shouldn’t use large images to start with, and it’s always better to download them dynamically because that gives you the opportunity to update them if necessary.

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@IonicGeoff is right, it depends on the size of your pics. Reduce the size of images. Likes and solution will be helpfull! Have an awesome Sunday!

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