Help needed to display images from azure blob storage

Hello, Could you please help me to display images from http url. ? .

here are the steps that i followed .

  1. white listed image source using $compileProvider in app.config.

  2. and in controlller I am getting list of item name and image url from web api which is hosted on azure (e.g.

$scope.messages = [
“PromoText”: “hello”,
“PromoImgUrl”: “”,

  1. here is view source.

                 <img ng-src="{{msg.PromoImgUrl}}" class="feedImg" />

I tried all approaches but no luck to display images in my app.

this issue is resolved now. its not an ionic Fx issue. It is working fine now after changing azure blob uri scheme from http to https** in web api.

Here is the solution. it may help some one who is developing ionic app with web api + azure.

var uriBuilder = new UriBuilder(blob.Uri);
uriBuilder.Scheme = “https”; // “http”;
var fullPath = uriBuilder.ToString();

did you got any solution for azure blob storage in ionic 3 framework