Ionic + Azure Blob Storage help

Hi, i’m building an app that uses Azure Mobile Services with JavaScript backend to store my data in a SQL Server DB. In the app people can save pictures too, but the SQL String doesn’t allows base64 to be saved, so some people said i should use BLOB Storage.
What troubls me is that every tutorial, video, or blog i see teaches how to do in a different way and it’s confusing me. I don’t have code to show, and the only thing i want is to someone who have done this before help me teaching or showing a good way or tutorial on how to do this.
Can someone help?
Thanks a lot

you are using .net web service right?

actually, no :confused: i’ve found this doc and i think i’m going to start by this and them learn how to connect my app to it and save the images along with the othe data i need to store.

im using api to read that base64 string image and store as blob. the apps is currently on testing mode. so in my opinion you also should provide api since u need to store it inside azure. i’ve also tested the file transfer tutorial via php,