Help Needed -- Cancel/Done buttons are very small on date/time picker--IONIC 2

Anyone can help to make Cancel/Done button text visible? Screenshot attached.


You might have some custom CSS interfering with those buttons. Maybe spin up a fresh app and see what happens, or inspect the CSS with Chrome Dev Tools

Thank you for reply. I have tried chrome dev tool. It works good if I remove button and button-md classes from from the Elements in dev tool. How can I do this in my code?

You can’t. Do you have any custom CSS in your app that might be incorrectly applied? Do you change the button CSS or the button-md class in your app?

yes I have changed button class in my app.css for other buttons. That class is also applying on this picker button. how to aboid this to apply on picker buttons?

@ChrisGriiffith Thnnx. Got it.

Please enter the answer.

Got it.
<ion-datetime displayFormat=“DD MMM YYYY” (ionChange)=“fecha()” pickerFormat=“DD MMM YYYY” [(ngModel)]=“dateOfevent” cancelText =“Cancelar” doneText=“Ok”>


Yes your right adrianomigani,
I’m just duplicate 2 divs for both ar and en with *ngIf=“lang=‘ar’” to check the language and switch the cancelText=“إلغاء”

Thank You