Help - Disabling scroll (scroll=false) on ion-content causes problems with swipe events

When I set scroll= false (<ion-content has-header=“false” “scroll=false”> ) , it causes the on-swipe-left and on-swipe-right that is set on a div inside that page to become buggy and unresponsive. When ion-content scroll=false, the swipe events either do not fire or fire erratically after multiple swipes. When I remove the scroll attribute and let it default to true, the swipe events behave normally. I tested this problem on a android nexus 5.
I want the swipe-left and swipe-right to work without scroll bars on the page. Can someone help with this? If this is a known problem, are there any workarounds? Thanks in advance.

The problem is that the swipe-events are javascript events. if you set scroll=“false” your app will use css-overflow scrolling (native behave of the webview).

Like described here you can set attributes to hide scrollbars :wink:

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Thanks ! scrollbar-y=‘false’ seemed to do the trick.I had to also adjust the margins to ensure the content did not actually scroll(scroll caused a vertical jitter when swiping left/right. Though I am not quite sure I understand why scroll=‘false’ would interfere with the javascript swipe events. Could you elaborate? Understanding this better could help avoid further issues in the future.

ionic implemented an own scrolling in javascript. By default for ion-scroll and ion-content this is enabled.
If you set scroll=“false” -> ionic is out and the browsers are doing the scrolling (calculations, event-handling). But browsers can trigger the touch/scroll events at different times. Like safari on ios, if you have a bouncing effect and so on.

If you use javascript-ionic-scrolling. You can be sure that the events are working correctly on each device and browser.