Disable scroll in ion-content [solved]

hi guys , how can i disable scroll in ion-content?
scroll=“false” doesnt work thanks

Normally that should work. But if that is not working try using ionicScrollDelegate in your controller.
Here is a sample ;

$scope.disableVerticalScrolling = function() {
     $ionicScrollDelegate.getScrollView().options.scrollingY = false;
     $window.localStorage["Scroll"] = JSON.stringify(false);

$scope.enableVerticalScrolling = function() {
     $ionicScrollDelegate.getScrollView().options.scrollingY = true;
     $window.localStorage["Scroll"] = JSON.stringify(true);

Hope this helps…

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hi, this look like as an ionic1 code, i’m looking for an ionic2 solution

Well I have not used ionic 2 yet, but based on a quick research, maybe this will help :

    *::-webkit-scrollbar {
      display: none;


my question is a duplicate please see how to disable scroll in ion-content

    var stopScroll = function(){
    var startScroll = function(){

transform: none !important;

Answer found in this post

.. incude fixed content