Hello everyone?

Sorry I don’t know why I don’t understand

You want a player for that or run that music in background ???

One way i m suggesting is using videogular its highly customisable and also using its api is very easy

Just run the code in browser and select that element and change its css however you want to , that the way i did that. if you dont want any button like play or other then don’t add it in . you wanna change its css then inspect that element in browser and check and also use that code in css of you app.
Vg-controls uses flexbox so its better to know that and alter any changes that you want .


if you want custom Button instead of control bars then i would suggest you to use VGAPI that is very easy to use and also has alots of capabilities .
(hope that helps you )

First of all the documentation your are refering to is for videogular 1 and second thing do u want to change its look and feel or you want to create custom buttons for that . If u want to change look and feel i can share my css with you elsevi have to create another peoject

here it goes -

1 to change overlay play icon i reduced its size by

** vg-overlay-play .vg-overlay-play .overlay-play-container.vg-icon-play_arrow{
font-size:45px !important;

  1. for control bars to control height (this will help you to control the controlBar . you can change its background-color to anything you want and also change its opacity or other changes)
    height:40px !important;

3 make sure to change every element height inside Vg-controls 40px; because of vg-controls
in my case i have used this
vg-play-pause, video-player vg-time-display, video-player vg-volume, video-player vg-mute, video-player vg-fullscreen{
height : 40px !important

4 to change color of controls use color property as
color:tomato !important;
5 to change scrub bar size use
vg-controls vg-scrub-bar{
flex-grow :1;

6 you just know the flexbox model to work with it select every element and try changin it in chrome console then apply it in your css

hope that might help you