Has-footer class removed from ion-content - how should it be used?


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I’m having an issue with the has-footer class - I’ve applied it to an ion-content element, but for some reason it’s being removed.

I’ve applied it manually because I’ve got a footer added inside the view - something like (in my view template):

<ion-view view-title="...">
    <ion-content class="has-footer" scroll="true">
        ... Page content
        ... Page specific footer

This is a problem, because the footer then overlays my content. Any idea why has-footer s being removed? Or how to make it not?


The has-footer class should be automatically added. Here is an example codepen of the footer in a view: http://codepen.io/brandyshea/pen/zvzdbG

I’m curious how you are structuring your app. Any chance you could show me an example of it or describe the structure (tabs, sidemenu, nested views, etc)?