Crashlytics with Ionic 3 app

I have implemented Firebase plugin with ionic 3 app. It is working fine. Could you tell me how can I use Crashlytics with this plugin? According to the doc it seems for the native apps. So how can we do it with Ionic 3?

Firebase plugin :

Crashlytics :

There is a plugin cordova-fabric-plugin which we can use with ionic apps. But it seems we don’t need it anymore since this note on the native apps doc: Any guidance please?


Note: If you’re upgrading from Fabric Crashlytics, remove the Fabric API key from your AndroidManifest.xml. Delete the key’s meta-data tag, which should have io.fabric.ApiKey and the API key.

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I’m not sure anybody knows. The only things I’ve ever read were pessimistic. But maybe it’s possible. I can’t help you, but I figured I should post to ask you: if you solve this problem (either by finding it or doing it yourself), please write it up somewhere and post a link. It would help a lot of people.