Handle swipe gestures on top of each other

I have a modal component with this content inside. The main problem is that when I try to scroll the text inside the “description” div the gesture on the modal gets activated and the modal goes up and down on the screen. Is there a way to isolate these two scroll gestures. ?

<ion-content scrollY="false">

    <ion-segment style="margin-bottom: 0.5em;" [(ngModel)]="segment" (ionChange)="segmentChanged($event)">
      <ion-segment-button value="description">
      <ion-segment-button value="info">
<div [ngSwitch]="segment">
    <div style="border: solid 2px red; overflow: scroll;" scrollY="true" *ngSwitchCase="'description'">
      text ....

    <ion-list *ngSwitchCase="'info'">