Half-view list

I am trying to create a stacked view. The top half of the view should remain static, and the bottom half should be a scrolling list. I haven’t seen an example of this anywhere!

you have to use overflow scrolling.

<ion content scroll="false"></ion-content>

Add a div in the ion-content with a height of 100%.
Then add this div 2 child divs. The first one with a height, max-height 50% and then a second div with height 50% overscroll: auto

Can I make that second one an ion-list element?

Try it :wink:

Do not know exactly how the ion-list is styled.
Maybe you have to overwrite css-classes of the ionlist

But you could but a ion-list in the second div.


This should be overflow: scroll or overflow: auto right?

i think you have to set fixed pixel height.