Google Slides API in an Ionic application


I am very new to Ionic, but I have already experimented (and succeeded) with adding a basic Google+ log in to my Ionic app. Unfortunately, Google+ does not give me the access which I want - slides in users’ Google drive. I have been searching and reading up, but I am really not even sure of how to begin doing so. I assume that I will have to add a native Google login button (but not Google+), and add a provider to get the authorisation I need, but I would appreciate some links and advice as to what direction/ what readings I should do to get this out as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!

P.S. I have already read the Google Slides API documentation, and they do not mention anything about how to integrate with Ionic. Meanwhile, the creation of a Google sign-in button only has a tutorial for Android Studio…should I just switch to that instead? I have negligible AngularJS knowledge…


What exactly do you want to do with the Google Slides of the user?


To be more exact, I am mainly looking out for read-only access. I intend to attempt developing a remote presenter such that users can use their mobile phones to control the slides on their computers. Hence, I hope to build on the Google slides API and gain access to the slide data (with proper authentication, of course) so that I will not have to develop an additional place for users to create and edit slides. This is a personal project, and I do not intend to push it out publicly.

I am giving myself a crash course on AngularJS right now, which I believe Ionic is closely tied to. However, I have no confidence that doing so will help me with integrating Google Slides API with Ionic and I can hardly find any information about this on haha Google itself…

P.S. is there a reason why all the tutorials only use Google+ login as an example?


Better switch to Angular, which is totally different from AngularJS, which is what modern versions of Ionic (v2+) use. Otherwise you are learning obsolete tech.

Most of these are “use social networks as login” type thingies, so using Google+ made sense for quite some time.

I would look into how to access Google Drive documents somehow. Sheets and Docs are “part” of Drive, and I think there might be some examples on how to get stuff out of Drive into apps.


Oh my… :disappointed_relieved: Glad that you let me know right now…I will make the switch immediately. But do you mean Angular, or Angular2? I can only see this when I google “angular ionic”:

cough cough

I actually tried this as well, but to little avail. I will give it another shot, thanks a lot

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In the beginning there was the Javascript Framework Angular.js, also called Angular or AngularJS or Angular 1. Then came a totally new version of Angular v2.x where everything is different, so they decided to call the old one not “Angular” any more and give the Angular name exclusively to v2+. So now we have AngularJS (v1) and Angular (v2+). Ionic currently is using Angular v4 - which is pretty similar to Angular v2.

(Similar things happened to Ionic where we now have “Ionic v1” and “Ionic” (which includes v2+, currently v3.3.0).

I did something about that:

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