Google Plus Login failed when uploaded to Google Play

I recently tried uploading the ionic release apk on Google Play. The app opens but google plus login doesn’t work.

I googled various blogs and post but couldn’t find the perfect one. Majorly has answer to the firebase one. But, here I’m using non firebase project which can be created in google console.

So, as per the process, I used the web client id of console project in my app, which was created by SHA of my local debug keystore. Then, I signed with the local keystore certificate and uploaded in the play console.

Catch is now, play console signs the apk with it’s fingerprint. So, how should I move further to enable google plus signin into my app?

My thinking: I should use play’s “app signing SHA” to create new “android” client in “console project” and use it instead of previous “web client id”. And update that client id into my project. Now sign the apk with “upload apk” and then upload it on play. Can anyone tell, will it work?