Google Play In-App Purchasing

Hi everyone,
I’m generally an HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL programmer.

The whole Google In-App Purchases looks kind of scary with different languages.
I know how to send and receive data to and from my PHP and MySQL script.

But, is it possible to process Google Play’s In-App Purchases to, from and
only with these languages I know?

Also, I see no Ionic or Cordova tutorials regarding this topic.
Links to tutorials or whatever would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

Please help.

Warm regards and happy holidays,
Neonic, Inc.

Hi, a 100% functional working example of InAppPurchase integration in Ionic by using Cordova plugins that I would recommend on having a look is this one:

This apps illustrates how to handle for instance the Free/Full version by allowing the user to buy full version from either iOS/Android stores.

I’ll get right on that!
Sorry I’ve been a bit busy.

I deeply appreciate your reply. <3

I too have same problem, Now am fix it. Thanks