Anybody tried Geolocation and google map native

hi i have a problem displaying the location of my app.

I used geolocation native plugin to get the user location through gps.
output lat. and long.
but when i put the output latitude and longhitude from geolocation to google map lat at long. it doesnt show anything. for this latest version

the previous one when their is no update it works fine. but now it doesn’t

here is my codes

Hi, since this.geolocation.getCurrentPosition is Promise (async action), you have to load map after you get coordinates from it. If you do not make it, the map is rendered before you have any coordinates -> they do not show.

that is exactly I got stock sir.

how am I supposed to do that with my codes in pastebin sir?

but I will try my best first to solved. big thanks for sharing your ideas bid help :slight_smile: