Google Maps marker's can't be clicked on device

its actually not a problem of the click itself, but what I’m doing on the handler

I want to navigate to another tab. To do this, I was just doing;

window.location.href = “/another/path”;

I’m guessing there’s my mistake, but I can’t figure it out.

I have also tried:


with no luck (works on emulator, not on device).


also tried



all work on web and mobile emulator but not on actual devices


I think my real problem is that I want to navigate to a url with a parameter “another/state/:id”

Like so: $state.transitionTo(‘another.state’, {id: 1});

Still not work on my android device. I removed the parameter and updated the route and works…

:+1: to data-tap-disabled="true"

Tried this. It does not work for me on mobile Safari. It works on Chrome but not on Safari.

I was able to fix this substituting ‘click’ with ‘mousedown’. Not sure what was the issue with click.

google.maps.event.addListener(marker, 'mousedown', function() {, this);

Thank you so much… you saved my time.
Adding scroll = ‘false’ to ion-content and data-tap-disabled=“true” to map div worked for me.
Thank you very much once again.