Google Maps issues after upgrade from beta 1

Hi. I’m using an $ionicModal to popup a Google Map and show some markers. When user taps on a marker, I’m displaying an infoWindow.

This was all working fine with beta1 but after updating to beta3 tapping on the markers no longer shows the infoWindows (Interestingly, everything still works ok if I run it in Chrome on desktop). I added some logging and can see that the ‘click’ event for the infoWindows is no longer being fired on the device.

Any ideas what might have changed that could cause this? Or alternative strategies?


Was testing out with a simple repo which I’ve pushed to github to illustrate the issue:

Initial commit was using beta2 (popup not showing on device). I then overwrote libs with beta1 and popup works

Any suggestions appreciated

Did you try beta3 ?
And could you try to put the code in a plnkr, so it is easier to debug.
Now the code has to be downloaded, installed, etc.

Good luck

Can you try Beta 3. If that does not work, try adding this to the modal:


yes, looks like I just needed data-tap-disabled=“true”. Thanks so much. Didn’t see that other thread

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