Google Maps Info Box works fine in browser but fails in emulator


Looks like the click event is being completely ignored when running app in emulator on ios?

I am running the nightly builds.

View is rendered based on this pin

I have tried this and it does not resolve the issue

Before I rip my app apart to post a sample, does anyone have a suggestion… was about to publish to app store(s) until I found this in regression testing, would like to get this thing out the door as soon as possible so any assistance is appreciated.



Can you explain what we’re supposed to do in that sample CodePen to see how it is supposed to work?

I clicked “Near Me” and see the map. Now what? What is an “Info Box”


I just discovered the same issue, which i posted in the new annoucement page:


when you click on the marker in the emulator, the info box, annotation is suppose to appear, it does in chrome, but not in the ios emulator


Found a soultion. Try:

<ion-content scroll="false" data-tap-disabled="true">
	<div id="map_canvas"></div>

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thanks!! that worked… living on the edge with a beta platform certainly has it risks, but the community has saved the day once again


Works for me too with the v1.0.0 b2 !
Thanks !