Google Maps, customise the position of "my location button"?

Let’s call “my location button” X.

It seems that X is by default placed at the top-right corner of the map. But I want X to be placed above the [+][-] buttons on the bottom-right corner.

Does the Google Maps component support customising the location of X? I could not find any API for that. If it is not supported, I think I must hide X and create a custom button and invoke “locate my location” when the button is clicked. But then, how do I get the location of the [+][-] buttons? I need to place my custom X right above the [+][-] buttons. Is that possible?

If that is not possible, I would have to resorting to disabling all default buttons and create all three custom buttons for location, +, and -.

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These buttons come from native api.
You can only move by setPadding