Google Login error 10

Hi ,
when you create Google authclient id in googel developer console that time use SHA1
For debug mode testing time use debug keystore key store in c/user/username/. Android/ debug.keystore use this keystore file and get your SHA1 key
For signing apk , use your signing keystore SHA1
For playstore , use
Open your playstore login
In release management >app signing in find playstore certificate and use playstore sha1 and create ionic Google plus login it will work perfectly
In ionic signing in apk use different Sha1 and certificate and for playstore, use signing in certificate it will generate automatically new certificate. It will show you in playstore admin panel. It’s work for me . For other details read ionic Google plus login readme.txt file in this they explain all things

this worked for me finally !

For other error post question and query may be it will help other

@pullatjunaid I’m not exactly sure what would go in the file.
From where would I get
is my_key_password ‘android’
storeFile is the path to the actual debug.keystore?
what is my_store_password? My app isn’t in playstore yet. I’m just trying to test the google auth.

I’m using keytool -exportcert -list -v -alias androiddebugkey -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore and still can’t seem to fix this issue. It’s happening for facebook and google authentication.

I get this error when i add in platforms/android