Google distance matrix and httpnative

Hi! im tring to call google distancematrix service from ionic httpnative with this code:

this.httpNative.get(,RM&destinations=Pisa,PI,Italy&departure_time=now&key=xxxxxxx", {},{}).then(data => {

       this.sResult = JSON.stringify(data);

       this.jsonDistance = JSON.parse(this.sResult);

   .catch(error => {      




when i run the project whit the command “ionic cordova run android” on a usb device, i have the “undefined” error in console.
Can you help me, or link a solution?
Thanks a lot

I’m not clear what “the ‘undefined’ error” means, but try adding the following to tsconfig.json and see if it causes any additional errors to manifest at build time, as opposed to runtime:

"compilerOptions": {
  "strictPropertyInitialization": true

Thanks. Tomorrow I follow your indication.
Have you got a link for an http native call?