Google Auth, problem compiling


Following the ionic cloud help, I integrated the Google Auth. But the solution fails to compile with
> Error: Error at /Users/arash/Src/ionic/camera/shopping/.tmp/pages/Login/Login.ts:10:34

[00:34:51] Cannot find name ‘GoogleAuth’.
[00:34:51] Error at /Users/arash/Src/ionic/camera/shopping/.tmp/pages/Login/Login.ts:10:34
[00:34:51] Parameter ‘googleAuth’ of constructor from exported class has or is using private name ‘GoogleAuth’.
[00:34:51] Error at /Users/arash/Src/ionic/camera/shopping/.tmp/pages/Login/Login.ts:10:59
[00:34:51] Cannot find name ‘User’.

My code simply looks like:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { GoogleAuth, User } from '@ionic/cloud-angular';

    selector: 'login',
    templateUrl : 'login.html'
export class LoginPage {
  constructor(public googleAuth: GoogleAuth, public user: User) {




It was a project setup problem.


Can you describe the solution some? I’m experiencing the same problem trying to convert a Beta 11 app to RC 1.


Just follow the setup in the ionic cloud documentation setup section. You need to create an object and add it to angular bootstrapping.
If it didn’t work, I can send you my setup when I am at my PC.