Google Analytics vs Firebase Analytics

What are the pros and cons of Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics?
Which one are you using, and why?

So far, I think I have figured this out:

Google Analytics


  • possibility to share access to a specific GA property (without having to share anything else)
  • track events, just like you would do with a website (“trackEvent”)


  • no “audiences” feature as in Firebase Analytics (except for GA segments)

Firebase Analytics


  • “audiences” feature that integrates well with other Firebase features (e.g. push notification to a target audience)
  • easy integration with Ionic Native plugin (“logEvent”)


  • no way of sharing access to analytics, without exposing the rest of Firebase

Is my understanding correct, or am I missing something?
Does the difference boil down to the “audiences” feature and the different ways of sharing access to the analytics data, or are there other key differences?


I am in this exact predicament. It’s a shame that “non code” questions doesn’t attract the attention of Ionic’s forum members.

Did you end up going with one of these?
If so how would you answer your own question now?
I am also in the same situation.