Google Ads: iOS conversions always at 0


I’m encountering an issue with my Google Ads regarding the tracking conversions from iOS devices with Firebase Analytics.

Here’s a brief overview of my problem:

Event Tracking: I’ve successfully set up event tracking for both iOS and Android in Google Analytics, and I can see the events from both platforms.
Conversions Defined: I have defined conversions for some of these events, and the tracking in Google Ads seems to work well for Android events.
iOS Conversions Issue: However, when it comes to iOS, I’m facing a peculiar problem. The conversions for iOS events are consistently showing as 0 in Google Ads, despite the events being tracked successfully in GA4.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with iOS conversions?
Are there specific considerations or steps that need to be taken for iOS configuration?
I appreciate any insights or suggestions you can provide to help me resolve this issue. Thanks in advance!