Is Google Ripping Me Off?

Hi guys,
I am new to app development. I’ve decided to create an app on Ionic 2, which features in app purchases. It took me only two weeks to develop a professional looking looking app in Ionic. My app was released to Google Play Store successfully. Hopefully, it will be released to iTunes Store soon. Thanks to Ionic, I’ve successfully created both iOS and Android versions of an app so easily in a short period of time.

So far so good. At the end of the day I need to promote my app right ? And hopefully get people to pay for in app purchases. I’ve decided to go with Google Adwords’ universal app campaigns. I’ve setup app installations as my conversion goal. I ran the campaign worldwide to see what will happen. Now things get crazy:

According to Adwords, on the first day of my campaign, I got 100 installations from Bangladesh. I can see these 100 people in Google Play Console too. Great! However, according to Google Analytics, none of these people even once opened the app. How is this possible ? I’ve tested my app several times on my Galaxy Note 4 and on different Android phones and I saw that GA was working successfully.

I thought there is got be a problem with these people and decided to target US only. I’ve ended up paying a lot of money to Google and got only 18 installations from the US. And again GA did not even show any data.

At this point, I don’t know what to do. Might there be a problem with GA cordova plugin, I am not sure. The plugin did work for two different Android devices for me. Why would someone install an app but never opens ? I don’t know.

Can anyone help me how to identify the problem ? Have you guys ever had such an issue ? Could this be related to Ionic somehow ?

Thank you.

You said you tested your app and have got 18 installations from the US. For these, did you see metrics in Google Analytics?

If no, I would say something might not work in the app when it triggers GA events, maybe something related to the GA plugin?

Furthermore, do your very first page of your app trigger a GA event too? 100% sure none of these 100 installations started the app? Here I’m mean for example, do your app have a mandatory login or do your first page of your app display your business case? Maybe these users installed the app, started it and then thought “oh no it doesn’t apply here” or “oh no I don’t want to login”

And finally if yes, well I don’t think Google tricks you. For different reasons, like (unfortunately) click farms

Hi Reed,

When I open the app in my Android phone, I can see immediate GA event that my home view is opened. Even the iOS sandbox version shows the events without any problems. Since there is no login page, the user will not abandon the app right away. I am looking at it right now and I see real time any view I am visiting.

How am I going to prove Google Adwords team that there is something wrong ? They can simply say that there is something wrong with my app instead. These installations have to be fake. 100 installs from Bangladesh but no event from them in GA ? I can share screenshots.

Cool to hear your GA is working fine :wink:

Well then like I said, to be honest I don’t think Google make mistake in such thematic. I’m more thinking about click farms or click bots, but that’s only my point of view

I guess you could write them and display them your metrics. If I’m wrong they gonna accept your complain or if not, they maybe gonna write you back with their own metrics (?) which could explain a bit more the situation