Googe Maps: Do I have to use Ionic Native?

It’s in the src folder. I did only get this error on windows but not in linux and mac.

The solution of @richardmarais solve it for windows.

/// <reference path="../node_modules/@types/googlemaps/index.d.ts" />


At the risk of sounding snarky, lots of the value of using ionic-native is reducing the need for threads like this.

Funny it seems I don’t have a declarations.d.ts and it seems to work…


I have been basing my app on this. It has this file. I am pretty new to Ionic, so I don’t really understand all the workings I’m afraid.

Hi raprpos, I agree to an extent, but the ionic-native api has limited functionality. I need to make use of google’s fitBounds function, which can’t be done with the native api.

I despise JavaScript, but one of the double-edged swords it wields is the fact that no API can really prevent you from accessing something. If you bletch around casting things to any, and are certain that a function is going to be there, you can call it even if it isn’t properly exposed in TypeScript.

Yes I think typescript is awesome, because because it gives some structure to a very unstructured scripting language.

My main background is Java, and i have always found Javascript relatively difficult to follow for this reason.


That file is most probably needed, for example the ionic-starter-super comes with a such file. Don’t know why it’s working by me without, but if one day it don’t works anymore, I gonna know how to fix it now :wink:

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I created a tutorial that integrates Google maps, Geolocation and Google places, into one functional and easy to understand example. You can also download the code from Github. Hope it helps :slight_smile: