Global plugin @ionic/.... has an update available


I’ve finished re-installing nodejs, npm, cordova, ionic, etc. and am getting the following notice when calling ionic -v

Global plugin @ionic/cli-plugin-proxy has an update available (1.2.0 => 1.3.0)!

How could I update this plugin? Mainly because I’m having some hard trouble trying to make it work behind our corporate proxy…



npm install --save-dev @ionic/cli-plugin-proxy@latest


Thanks @LoLStats

I could upgrade the plugin by doing

sudo ionic start myAppTest

The installer asked to upgrade the plugin (without sudo didn’t ask)

mypc:~$ sudo ionic start pruebaApp
? Global plugin @ionic/cli-plugin-proxy has an update available (1.2.0 => 1.3.0)! Would you like to install it? Yes
> npm install -g @ionic/cli-plugin-proxy@latest
✔ Running command - done!
[OK] Upgraded @ionic/cli-plugin-proxy to 1.3.0! 🎉


Don’t run your npm/ionic commands with sudo! You will have permission errors later if you want to build your app for ios and android.


It is kinda weird
When installing node, ionic, etc. I get permission errors while installing. But when sudoing those tasks, they install fine without any problem.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks


Read more about it here:


nvm works great on OSX.