"Glitch" in transition for header

When transitionning to a view the header disapears then the view changes and the header reapear.
It only seems to appear on “heavy” loading page, like if the header and the view were not in sync for starting to animate ( the header and the view starts at the same time but since the view is longer to load the background of the app appears).

I have a nav-bar in each , could this be the problem?

Thank you once again

Any chance you could mock this in a codepen or plunkr?

@mhartington not quite sure I can reproduce it, I could let you in the beta on android so you can see what i mean or do a video ?

For anyone having this problem and sake of problem solving the problem is having multiple navbar ( one per view ).

The transition in this case seem to start before the content, having only one navbar and then just changing the title and buttons according on each view solve the problem.

By the way since it seems much better why allow one navbar per view @mhartington ?


We recommend using one global nav-bar so that way, we can do all the clean transitions that you see.

By placing multiple navbars makes doing this rather tricky.

Thanks :smile:
A warning might be useful in the docs so people don’t get confused as I was

We’ve updated the docs for the nightly


Removed the alternative usage

Great and fast work as always :bow:

How can I then change or add classes to the ion-nav-bar without using it more than once? I want to change the background of it in another view.