Getting started with SQLlite

Hi everyone,
I am new to Ionic and I admit I don’t have a lot of experience either with React.

I wanted to do a first sample application with a small db.
Nothing complex but I am going mad for 3 days and can’t find much resources.

Is there any example I can see on how to use SQLite with ionic?
I have followed a tutorial on youtube, which is already outdated though and I am still stuck.

Even just connecting to the database and how to insert/delete one line from an input.

I am getting a bit frustrated as I can’t find much help or info googling as usual, sigh.

:smiley: Thanks for any help

Are you absolutely certain you need structured queries? It’s overkill for most mobile apps, and life is much simpler if you can just use a key-value storage system like Ionic Storage.

I am actually not and I would be happy to get advise on this.
What I need to do will be quite easy I believe.

I want to take a pic, where you can write a note and date.
But I would also need to add later on a category.
And in the future might get some other things.

I tried to read on the key-value storage, but I admit I don’t know so much.
I will try to find tutorials, if you have any specific in mind feel free to share it, it would help!
Thank you!

IONIC REACT JS: How To Use SQLite Capacitor Plugin In Ionic React Applications: create update delete IONIC REACT JS: How To Use SQLite Capacitor Plugin In Ionic React Applications: create update delete - YouTube

Thanks I have been reading that.

But from my non experience with key-value I think it’s not suitable as I need to organise things in categories?

E.g. need to save pics and give them a category
If I want to return only the pics of a category, I can’t, correct?

Sorry if it’s basic question, but because you said it’s overkill for most mobile apps, I am wondering if there is a way to achieve it

Thanks aaron, will check the video

Key-value systems can still store arrays and maps, so you can still store each category with a separate key, and the value can be a list containing the pictures (or just their ids). Yes, modification becomes a bit more expensive, but I would bet it would still beat a full-blown SQL system.