Ionic Storage with sqlite

I am looking to do some simple key value storage using the Ionic Storage module. Looking at this page: Storage there is some info about using SQLite and installing the cordova plugin and the storage package. My question is if you follow that page, do you have to manually create the storage table or is that done automagically? I don’t plan to make any complex tables and am fine using key/values but will be storing some JSON objects. Using the storage.set and storage.get work great without the cordova plugin/SQLite so do I even need it?

In the first version of my app I used localstorage and it was fine but I had to use JSON.parse when I retrieved an object. Does this all happen behind the scenes now? My biggest concern is having something work on one platform (because it uses indexeddb) but not on another (because it uses localstorage).

hopefully that makes sense! Thanks in advance for any info.