A tabs example problem

Hi, there,

I just started to lean Ionic. I have a problems when I tried one ionic sample.

I followed the instruction from “http://ionicframework.com/getting-started/”. I created my project using “ionic start myApp tabs”。

Everything is fine, except that, when I debug the project using my PC’s browsers, the tabs bar (“ion-tabs”) shows at the bottom of the page. But when I debug the project using a real Android phone, the tabs bar always show at the top of the page.

How can I put the nav bar at the bottom of the page on a Android phone (I spent several hours on this with no luck)? Thanks for your help.


its a very nice style that ionic put in the new beta for more native look for tabs .

please read this
in the tabs.position(value) section and adjust it how you want;

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Thank you so much!!!
Without your help, I do not think I can figure it out.

By the way, there is an extra “1” at the end of the URL.
The URL should be

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