Get video from photo album/gallery?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get video data from photo album / gallery? Any plugin available for this? Thanks

Be a bit more specific please…

I recorded a video and saved in my iphone. I’d like to get the video data later in my application. If it’s possible? (I can do this in ios native application)

Can’t you just import your video to your pc/mac,
then include it locally into your app and show it in html5?


This is to take photo or video from camera. Am I right?

What I’d like to do is to retrieve photo/video files from photo album. Is this possible?

Yes it is, to get to your fotos/videos you can use:

I think this plugin can only be used to get files from application’s sandbox. Am I right?

I want to get video files from Photo Album.

Sure you can,
you can access your media library and if you like to also copy it into your app.
check following link:

have fun!