Get value of ion-datetime


i have the code below, i want to pass the value from datetime to another page but date.value does not work.
Formulaire.html :

La Date de l’enquête
<ion-datetime displayFormat=“MMM DD YYYY” #date [(ngModel)]=“myDate”>

  <ion-label floating>L'heure de l'enquête</ion-label>
  <ion-datetime displayFormat="h:mm A"  pickerFormat="h mm A"  #heure [(ngModel)]="myHour"></ion-datetime>


<button ion-button block color=“secondary” (click)=“goToOtherPage(nom , secteur , de , vers , date , heure , tranche )” >Commencer L’Enquête


if ((nom.value != “”)&&(secteur.value != “”)&&(de.value != “”)&&(vers.value != “”)&&(tranche.value != “”))
this.mynumber= tranche.value;

  this.navCtrl.push( AccueilPage,{nom: nom.value,secteur: secteur.value, de:de.value,vers: vers.value,date:date.value,heure:heure.value, tranche: tranche.value});


constructor(public navController: NavController , private file: File , public navParams: NavParams,private sqlite: SQLite) {

this.nom = navParams.get(‘nom’);
this.secteur = navParams.get(‘secteur’); = navParams.get(‘de’);
this.vers = navParams.get(‘vers’); = navParams.get(‘date’);
this.heure = navParams.get(‘heure’);
this.tranch = navParams.get(‘tranche’);


but when i excute the code the value of date and hour do not display.
what should i do?