Get user info after he buys the app


I’ll try to explain the app scenario before getting to the point.

I’m building an app to a client and it’s a trivia quiz game. The app will be paid and he’ll add seasons with prizes so, if someone wants to win the prize, the person should buy a ticket to that season. But when the user buys the app he/she will automatically be rewarded with a ticket to use for playing a free season.

The case is: how do i get some info of the user who bought the app? Both for iOS and Android, i need to get anything, like name, phone, email.

I’m doing this by login, it’s not the best, but when a user create an accunt or log in for the first time with Facebook i give him the free ticket, but i can have a scenario where a user buys both on iOS and Android and use the same login on both, or people who keeps creating fake accounts just to use it.

So is there an API for Android and iOS that i can use to get this info? If there’s no way i’ll simply argument that it’s best to leave the app free and the user can then buy the season.

Thanks everyone.


Save in your server if this account already got the ticket.

You can have the same problem with Apple IDs or Google accounts.

No really, no.


I’m already saving that this user already have a free ticket. But didn’t know that a user can make multiple Apple ID’s, glad to know that.

But in any case, thanks for the info, that helped. :grinning: