Get started with Ionic, Svelte and Capacitor

Hey there

Simon Grimm did a great video on Svelte, Ionic and Capacitor!!

Screenshot 2022-07-24 183722

🛑 Building Apps with Svelte! - YouTube.

A must see if you want to get a good intro to Svelte in combination with Ionic and Capacitor, by one of the community’s top tutors.

The ionic - Svelte integration starter used in the tutoria, as well as the UI demo, can be found here

Github repo - GitHub - Tommertom/svelte-ionic-app: Ionic UI showcase app - try Ionic UI and directly go to API or source code
UI showcase -

And if you want to get started right away - maybe use one of the below, including code-sandboxes . Please note - when using the online code-sandboxes - make sure you pop-out the render window to see the demo in full size.

Looking forward to your feedback - and yes - this project is still very much work in progress