Get Selected Tab after push


I have a problem. From one page tab (home) i’m going to other page by roting. In this new page i need the tab selected.

This is my code:

//TAB PAGE'click', (event) => {
        // nav.setRoot(MapPage);;

 ionViewDidLoad() {
        this.vwCtrol = this.navCtrl.getPrevious();
       //here i needed the active tabs


Hey @NurGuz, you can pass in the push a parameter too, an object and that object will contain the informations you will need in the next page. You will just have to retrieve the data throught navParams.

Why did you withdrawn your post, it wasn’t a valid solution? i want to see how you solve it, to learn from you too

Sorry, i don’t kwno why was published this message. Passing params it’s ok, but i need know the active page :frowning: thanks @quieterkali

you said you need the tab selected, i tought you could pass as params the tab selected when going to the next page. Maybe i am misunderstanding your problem, would mind to explain exactly what you want to do? A better understanding f the problem will help :slight_smile:

finaly i was passed the select tab by params, is too easy. You was helped me, thanks! (and sorry for m english)

Good to know that, and no problem, english is not my native language too, i speak wrong sometimes :smile: