Select a tab and push to new page?

Hi guys,

I try since yesterday lot of solutions, but didn’t find how to resolve this.

In a controller, I try to :

  • 1> select a new tab
  • 2> after this, push a new page

I tried this :
        .then(() => {
            this.navCtrl.setRoot(MessagePage,{sendMessage: true, user: this.user});

For my example, I am in the TAB0, I try to select the TAB4, and push to “MessagePage”.
My TAB4 is configured on the MessagesPage (listing page), and I try to go directly to the writing message page (MessagePage)

This select the tab and go to “MessagesPage”, but after I can’t push to “MessagePage”

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Up ? Anyone have an idea ? :slight_smile:

Hi guys, still looking for the solution :frowning: