Get near-by cordinates with google mas

Hello, I have made an ionic application where I show some information about some clubs in every state (USA).
But I want to implement the feature where the user can press (near-by) button and get every club near of his locations (eg. in the current state).
I am using Cordova geolocations and google maps, and I have done method where I can get the coordinates(latitude, longitude ) from the user, but I don’t have found anything yeat useful to solve my problem :S

any suggestions ?

You need to create a services which get nearby clubs list from database. Which database you are using ?

hey, i have made backend API with Rails, where i am getting JSON file with all clubs and its informations (latitude, longtidue) . i am using postgreSQL!

It all depends, do you want to use a radius to locate all clubs, or do you want to use distance via roads?
If you want to use a radius, there is the Haversine formula. Otherwise, you can use the Google Maps Distance Matrix API.
Haversine -
Google Matrix