Get 'multiple' [value] from Select


Following is the code which I have used for getting the total value of itemPrice but I also want to get the name of each selected items itemName. Kindly suggest


<ion-select multiple="true" okText="Select" cancelText="Cancel" required [(ngModel)]="retailerItemModel" formControlName="retailerItem" name="retailerItem" (ionChange)="selectedItems()">
            <ion-option *ngFor="let item of itemList | async" [value]="item.itemPrice || item.itemName" >
              {{item.itemName}} &nbsp;Rs.{{item.itemPrice}}

This is giving me undefined Pls suggest

IMHO having both formControlName and [(ngModel)] makes no sense, to say nothing of additionally having (ionChange). Can you decide on a single way you want to bind this data?

I can understand that… I am sticking to ngModel for now

The problem in with referencing the right element in the array? Or assigning values? Any help or tutorial to go through???