Gestures Swype Up and Swype Down how to enable?

Hi, I’m trying to make an app that uses gesture swype up and down.
I research and only found swype(left or right).
Someone knows how to do this?

Thank you!

You can use the directive added here by Agomik for the swipeUp/swipeDown event (adaptation needed).

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Thx Eclek, i already saw that, but i could not do it. Can you help me?
Where i put that directive?

I will provide you a plunker with the directive as soon as I can :wink: today or tomorrow

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Sorry for the delay, no time to get in this weekend, but here it is:

Add the directive, declare it in the component and then in your template add the custom atribute on the element (swipe-vertical in the example) and the event listener (onSwipeUp) or (onSwipeDown).
Let me know if you need more explanations.



Very thanks! you are Awesome!

Now i undertand where is my error when trying do this.

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I am trying to doing this example, but have error … Object literal may only specify known properties, and ‘directives’ does not exist in type ‘Component’.

Can you add some of your code or reproduce your error in a plunker ?
And which version of ionic do you use ?

Directives doesn’t exist in Component as it has been deprecated. I solve problem.