Geolocation plugin: Ionic native vs Capacitor

I was looking to integrate geolocation feature in my ionic v5 app. However I stumbled upon two divergent ways to do this, both specified in the official documentation:

  1. Ionic native: This page comes first in search. It provides a link to cordova-plugin-geolocation on Github.
  2. Capacitor geolocation API: Encountered this when reading about capacitor. This page was at the bottom in search results when I googled for “ionic geolocation”.

Bottom line, which is the better way to get geolocation in Ionic? If capacitor is the spiritual successor of Cordova, why does Ionic documentation still recommend Cordova for native features?

So we’re suggesting people starting new apps use Capacitor.
Our current docs tend to lean towards promoting cordova at the moment due to the fact that we have an existing user base that uses cordova.

All of the capacitor specific content is on it’s own mini site.

@mhartington thank you very much. This solves it.