Geolocation not working on Android using ngCordova

i’m a student at university and i’m trying to include google maps in my hybrid app, which is a part of my final project study.I’m new at this technology and i’m coming across a problem to get Geolocation working on Android in both emulator.
Now the app works fine in the web browser and I can see my coords with no error. but I get no result on my device.

I’ve already tried with:

google map API, already exists in codepen.Can’t get it working, neither on browser or android device.

now i’am using :

cordova : version 6.1.1
ionic : version 1.7.14
ngCordova for getting my position

functionality of the application :

Display google map with multiple markers.
center map on user location.
Show all places nearby, with Google Places API.

Link of my project on github:

i will take this opportunity to ask if anyone can give me an advice, ideas or a best way to implement any functionality declared above,
that will be great help for me.

thank you in advance