Background Geolocation Plugin: Track location and update database every 5 minutes


Hey guys.

I really hope to find some help here.

I need to track at all time, if my users are within a radius of 100m of a certain geolocation (let’s call it “Home Location”. I need to know at all time which user is at his home location, and who is not (even when the app is running in background or is closed/ terminated).

I thought to realize this, using the Ionic Native Background-Geolocation plugin and the cordova-plugin-background-geolocation. My plan was, to check the users geolocation every 5 minutes and compare it to the home.

Case 1) If the distance between the two locations is < 100m I know the user is “at home”. I would then update the user node in my database (Firebase) to mark the user as isAtHome: true and add a current timestamp.

Case 2) If the user is not within 100m of his home location I would mark him as isAtHome: false and add a current timestamp.

I need to update my database even in case the user didn’t move, because I need to know that I received a current signal. Otherwise I don’t know if he didn’t move or turned off his smartphone, for example.

If I want to know, who of my users is at his home location, I would check the isAtHome-attributes and if they are set to true, I would check the timestamp to be sure that I have up-to-date data and the data was written within the last 15 minutes.

I tried many different things, but I’m not sure how to realize this with the Cordova Background Geolocation Plugin and if it’s even possible.

My question is:

Is it possible to check the users geolocation every 5 minutes (even in background / terminated state) and call a function that updates my firebase DB accordingly? As described, I need to receive the location even if the user didn’t move within the last 5 minutes.

If it isn’t possible: Does anybody have an idea, of how to approach the requirements on another way?

Thank you very much for your help!

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Do you have the coordinates of “home”? Then this sounds more like a geofence problem than a continuous tracking problem.


Yes, I do have the coordinates.
However, I don’t want the user to be informed that he crossed the “fence” via push-notification (as it is offered by the geofence-plugin), but I want to execute a function and perform a database-update. As far as I know, this doesn’t work when the app is closed, at least without writing native code…


Good point. Maybe you can combine geofences with background mode then to make this work?


I thought about this, as well. However, using the background-mode plugin has several downsides:

  • works for background mode, but not if app is closed (which is one of my requirements)
  • high battery consumption
  • problems with app store compliance

Hence, I came to the conclusion that this wouldn’t work, as well.