Geocode service for address lookups => [lat,lon]

(I’m moving the post here from the ‘what are you building thread’)

I’ve been working on different variations of a location-enabled app and needed a way to get a point/marker on a google map. So I finally put together a geocoding service to get [lat,lon] from an address string and let the user verify on a map.

Here it is in plunkr form, let me know what you think:

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What will happen when we don’t have marker on map and I want get lat long of that location . You should make such type of provision to get location information on double click. Thanks

You have to enter some kind of address to get a marker on the map. If you get no results, then you can search again to enter another - otherwise I have no idea where to center the map. A city or country is fine.

Once you get a marker you can zoom and drag until you get the correct location

I searched Delhi , But not searched . :disappointed_relieved:. I want get Delhi lat long ? How I can ?

searched Delhi and got 2 results. the formatted address is: “Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, India”