GCM_MISMATCH_SENDER using ionic Platform Push

Hey folks!

So, I have an older ionic 1 app that was using ionic push from ionic.io alpha. As noted in several alerts from the Ionic team, this service was discontinued last Friday 6/24. Since then I have been trying to get my push notifications working, but to no avail. I have followed the “Full Setup” guide here top to bottom, and this is what happens:

  1. I’m able to successfully register the device and get back a token from the Push service
  2. I’m able to “saveToken” with the token received in step 1.
  3. I can issue a Push Notification either directly through PostMan OR through my code in the app, which hits the https://api.ionic.io/push/notifications endpoint.
  4. The response from that request indicates the push was successfully created and contains a “valid” notification object.
    5. HOWEVER, the “status” of the notification is “error” with a message of GCM_MISMATCH_SENDER

I’m not quite sure where to go from here… I have retrieved the “server” API key for my google cloud project and added it to the appropriate profile in ionic.io. I also provided the corresponding GCM project number when adding the plugin… everything in the setup was followed to a “T”, though I’ve clearly missed something, ha.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Exactly the same problem.

Thanks for help !