405 error Ionic Push Android

Hey guys, I am getting a 405 error when trying to send a notification to my android device. I can send test notifications just fine, it’s just when I try to send legit notifications is when I 405 for android (have not tried iOS yet) I send the notifications from my node.js sever to ionic.

So this is 405 error definition
Mismatched Sender ID. A registration token is tied to a certain group of senders. When a client app registers for GCM, it must specify which senders are allowed to send messages. You should use one of those sender IDs when sending messages to the client app. If you switch to a different sender, the existing registration tokens won’t work.

Any help would be awesome!

Hey I found my error. You are supposed to user your Project number and not your Project ID. They are right next to each other. If you do the wrong one you will get a 405 error. Hope this helps anyone else who has this issue.