Full-height Iframe in Modal

I need to have a full-height iframe in a modal.
I tried it with this HTML code:

<ion-modal-view> <ion-content has-header="true" padding="true" on-swipe-left="onSwipeLeft(cardData)" on-swipe-right="onSwipeRight(cardData)"> <!-- <div ng-bind-html="renderHtml(cardData.content)"></div> --> <iframe src="/x/templates/card.php" style="min-height:100% !important; width:100%;"></iframe> </ion-content> <div class="bar bar-footer"> <div class="button button-clear" ng-click="showPopup()"></span><span class="icon ion-android-attach"></span></div> <h1 class="title">{{cardData.title}}</h1> <div class="button button-clear" ng-click="closeModal()"></span><span class="icon ion-close"></span></div> </div> </ion-modal-view>

But that does not work.
I want the iframe to go from the top down to the footer. My goal is to show the content with basic css so that e.g. bullet lists and so on work. Unfortunately I do not get it working in a different way than with an iframe.

It would be nice I someone can help me. Here you can look at it: http://goo.gl/MPssl6