[FREELANCE] Make video work inline on iPhone

I created Ionic app but I need to disable fullscreen mode on iPhone. When I open my app via browser or mobile Safari I get desired effect: to play video inline, without triggering fullscreen mode.

When I build an app on iphone it triggers fullscreen mode and behind Videogular’s controls I can see native iPhone’s video player.

Task is to enable inline video play and to remove controls of iPhone’s native video player and use just Videogular’s controls.

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I would like to help,Please share the code for the application to look into details to disable the native controls.
Add me on Skype ID: cis.ron or send me an email at ron.cis40@gmail.com

Hi, Dear. I could help you. Please contact me via skype. My skype id is
zhao0423. Thank you. Regards.

I am afraid, I don’t think this is viable. Check this out.

I need to disable fullscreen and use only inline

I can help you if you have seen my message.

It has been fixed. Thank you all