Form validation with default value


Mabye I am not sure how to word the question so I was unable to find an answer. How can i specify default values for form validation? ie: if the default value is not changed validation fails.

for example, on a dropdown list, how do i show that the field is invalid if the value is -1?


    <label class="item item-input validated item-icon-right mobile-combo">
        <select class="item-input width-100" ng-model="vm.expireMonth">
            <option value="-1">Month</option>
            <option value="01">January</option>
            <option value="02">February</option>

Thanks :smile:


the simple answer is doing if statement after submit
also check this docs in angular site


Validation in js was my option if ionic didnt have something out of the box - I was hoping they just had a input-default="-1" or something but I guess not.

Thank you for the reply :smiley:


its more angular then ionic and u can do something like this. and u welcome :smile: