Form Validations Not Working

I have to provide mandatory fields validation in my ionic app. But, i am not being able to get the default angular form validation working. I used ng-submit but in ionic that’s not even firing the submit.
Is there a directive that i can use

    <ion-view title="Dashboard">
      <ion-content class="has-header padding">
       <form name="myForm" ng-controller="DashCtrl">
       <input type="radio" ng-model="color" value="red" required>  Red <br/>
       <input type="radio" ng-model="color" value="green" required> Green <br/>
       <input type="radio" ng-model="color" value="blue" required> Blue <br/>
       <tt>color = {{color | json}}</tt><br/>
       <button type="submit" ng-click="submitForm()">Submit</button>

But, if its an AngularJS app, its working as expected

AngularJS Plunkr :

IONIC Plunkr :